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Removing Unconscious Barriers©
How to be the Bridge to Successful Communication
In the Presence of Hearing Loss

Everyone knows someone with hearing loss. Whether in the workplace or the home, unconscious barriers exist that prevent clear communication during interactions with those with hearing loss. Becoming aware of the barriers is the first step to building the bridge to successful and productive communications.


  • Oral deafness may be the most misunderstood of disabilities even though, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America, one in ten people in our country have some degree of hearing loss and do not speak sign language.
  • Deaf or hard of hearing are deprived or denied communication access because of unconscious barriers that people and situations present.
  • Learning how to build the bridge to successful communication to people who are oral deaf or hard of hearing and will help you and your organization become better communicators in all circumstances.

Who?   Appropriate for any company or organization

What?   45 min presentation

Results?   Attendees will leave enlightened as to the unconscious barriers that may exist in their organizations and will be given tools to assist them in creating a more productive and inclusive environment.

About the Presenter:

Randi C. Friedman, CRC, RPR, has been providing Open Captioning to audiences for over 15 years. She has Open Captioned U.S. Presidents, Bon Jovi and ordinary people. She is a graduation and conference specialist. She and her company, The Open Captioners, educate business and government leaders, clergy, educators and the general population on Removing Unconscious Barriers (RUB)©. RUB seminars identify and provide solutions to communication access so that individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing can receive equal access to public events. As Randi sees it, "An evolved society seeks to include all its members." Randi is a contributing writer to the guidebook “How to Prepare for the Certified CART Provider Exam.” Her articles have appeared in the professional publication The Journal of Court Reporting.