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Randi C. Friedman offers accurate real-time captioning
Randi C. Friedman, CRC, RPR
With a background in court reporting, Randi offers accurate real-time captioning.
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At least one in ten people in this country is deaf, hard of hearing or hearing impaired and speaks English, not sign language. How do they gain access to what speakers are saying in public events? Imagine words scrolling across a smartphone, tablet, phablet, computer monitor or arena screen as soon as they leave the speaker’s mouth. On the job. At home. Wherever you are.

The Open Captioners Provides the Bridge to Communication

Your company, educational or other institution, arts organization can benefit from open captioning.

The realtime captioner instantaneously captures what is said, converts it to text and, voilà, it appears on the screen like magic for the deaf consumer.

Find out how your company, arts organization, educational or other institution can benefit from open captioning.

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 Randi Friedman open caption services for smartphone or arena - access for one to access for many

Randi Friedman Open Captioning Former President Bill Clinton at Corzine Rally, at Radio City Music Hall, at Temple B'nai Jeshurun for Marlee Matlina nd Henry Winkler and at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC